Healthcare AI at UCSD Health

Our Principles

Our Statement

  1. We believe that AI can enhance human health and well-being, and we are committed to developing and deploying AI solutions that are ethical, responsible, and beneficial for patients and society.
  2. We respect the dignity, autonomy, and privacy of each patient, and we design and evaluate our AI systems with their needs, preferences, and feedback in mind.
  3. We uphold the highest standards of scientific rigor, transparency, and accountability in our AI research and practice, and we adhere to the ethical codes and regulations of our profession and institution.
  4. We foster a culture of collaboration, excellence, and innovation among our AI researchers, practitioners, partners, and stakeholders, and we seek to share our knowledge and expertise with the broader community.
  5. We embrace the diversity of our patients, staff, and collaborators, and we strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment that values different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

Effectiveness, Responsibility, and Accountability

AI products should be successful for their intended use, beneficial, valid, accurate, and reliable and those who develop and apply tools with responsibility and accountability

Ethics and Inclusiveness

AI products should strive to achieve health equity and fairness by design and operation

Human Factors

AI product design, development, and implementation should involve and prioritize the needs of the diverse population it serves

Promoting Human Well-Being, Safety, Privacy, and Common Good

AI products should protect human well-being, privacy, sustainability, and the environment


AI products should be explainable, trustworthy, intelligible, and accountable

Protecting Human Autonomy and Dignity

AI products should empower individuals it serves 

Ethics Statement

Abide by FAIR and Equitable principles and practices based on data and people that advance sound application of AI tools recognizing delicate interplay of bias (seen/​conscious and unseen/​unconscious).

Identify unforeseen risk and offer solutions to mitigate risk. Follow evolving recommendations from the University of California including their initial recommendations from the Artificial Intelligence Strategy University of California Presidential Working Group on October 2021.


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