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Leading the way as the preeminent provider of care across San Diego, UC San Diego Health has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years. As a result, demand for inpatient care has reached new heights, sometimes exceeding the health system’s capacity. 

When operating at the brink of capacity, complex healthcare systems like ours often grapple with challenges such as inefficient resource allocation, communication gaps, and reactive — rather than proactive — decision-making, which can further delay patient throughput and exacerbate the problem. 

While the health system rapidly grows its geographical footprint and adds more inpatient beds to decompress the situation, we also aim to leverage disruptive technology and analytics to transform the way care is provided. 


The Joan & Irwin Jacobs Center for Health Innovation is developing a Mission Control Center powered by AI that orchestrates and optimizes various facets of patient care. From emergency response coordination to personalized treatment plans, this AI-driven Mission Control Center has the potential to redefine healthcare delivery by ensuring timely, data-driven, and patient-centric interventions. Just imagine a NASA-style command center with multidisciplinary teams working together physically and virtually, within an immersive, real-time data experience.

From emergency response coordination to personalized treatment plans, this AI-driven Mission Control Center has the potential to redefine healthcare.

The goal of this transformative center is to enhance overall healthcare efficiency, responsiveness, and patient outcomes — from inpatient rooms to clinic spaces to home environments.

The JCHI Mission Control Center — the first of its kind — enables a seamless, innovative, and accessible patient-centered care model. By harnessing real-time data and predictive analytics, Mission Control will help UC San Diego Health effectively manage resources available at any given time. 

How it Works

The hyper-connected hub will monitor patient health and safety through the integration of data streams from sensors, electronic health records, bedside monitors, imaging, wearables, cameras, and multiple other sources. The goal is to develop AI algorithms and models that proactively improve personalized treatment, health equity, and patient experience.

For example, real-time data and predictive analytics will track each patient’s hospital journey, including identifying delays or bottlenecks, reducing wait time, and prioritizing tests and procedures. Algorithms will also help free up medical professionals’ time by assisting with tasks, such as responding to emails and other routine administrative communication so they can focus on what counts — caring for patients. 

Key Features

  • Sophisticated data integration AI capabilities predict bottlenecks and recommend interventions.
  • Seamless communication via direct channels to decision makers and various units to rapidly mobilize response teams.
  • Consolidate and display real-time and predictive metrics from various departments, including patient flow, transfers, surgical schedules, etc.
  • Video chat with affiliate hospitals for urgent consults.
  • Device alerts, nurse calls, and best practice advisories can also prompt action for a certain patient.


In spring 2024, JCHI launched a collaborative prototype environment dedicated to applying human-centered design techniques for our AI-driven Mission Control Center. This room is the first prototype where our UC San Diego Health providers and team members are working alongside transformational health coaches, human factors designers, and AI innovators to identify their requirements to build Mission Control by experimenting with current technology processes, and workflow. The Mission Control Center is expected to be fully operational in 2026 at the Jacobs Medical Center. 


UC San Diego Health, NBBJ, AWS, Epic

By creating the Mission Control Center of the future, JCHI is redefining the way clinicians and patients leverage the power of technology and data to improve healthcare. If you’d like to join our efforts, please contact Nicole May, Co-Director JCHI, nmay@​health.​ucsd.​edu.